A Professor’s Guide to Overcoming Fear of Writing Papers

May 29, 2017

Many students, especially those enrolled in creative type programs like our degrees at Ai, express fear or frustration when faced with writing papers. Often they are unfamiliar or overwhelmed with proper formatting in either the MLA or APA style. Sometimes they understand the course material but are confused as to how to organize their content or they do not know how to get started with an essay. This podcast presents some simple guidelines from a Professor’s perspective so that students can maximize their points earned for each essay or paper submitted. The session focuses on both format and content (to download a sample MLA template click here https://goo.gl/KWMlmL or for a sample APA template click here https://goo.gl/cXZqVq).

Contributor: Alisa Gaylon


Secret Sauce

May 12, 2016

We all know it’s important to eat right and take care of ourselves. With our long list of daily responsibilities how in the world is it possible? This podcast shares a few easy ways to approach health and wellness with a little planning and preparation. Visit [https://goo.gl/phn36J] to download the blank meal plan to accompany this podcast.

Contributor: Melinda Kulick


This is a test of the Emergency Backup System: Do you have a “disaster plan”?

May 27, 2016

All of us will at some point have some kind of emergency that prevents us from gaining access to the classroom or completing work on time.  From inclement weather, power outages and service disruptions, to travel delays,family crises, and computer or hard drive failures, it is inevitable that we will all face hurdles that may cause us to fall behind.  In this podcast we will explore some ways to prepare a “disaster plan” to help mitigate unexpected challenges that may arise.

  1. Print Out important contact information
  2. Back Up all work in progress and once complete
  3. Identify alternative internet access points
  4. Prevent shutoffs or disruptions of services
  5. Protect equipment and information

Contributor: Jeremy Hockett


Tips for Organization in Online Classes (and a few things NOT to do)

April 1, 2016

Listen to a discussion between two college students and an instructor about organization habits. They will discuss various tools to use, and look at some of the challenges of organization in an online format. There will be some humor and plenty of scenarios to work through and correct for better organization and online course success. Organization is a key element of an online course. This discussion will help you find some new tips and think about how some habits might lead to problems that can be avoided.

Contributor: Connie Dolecki